Tuesday, July 16, 2013

It's Time!

To move that is!

We have decided to go ahead and move into the construction zone.  As much as I would rather not, it makes sense to do it.   Besides I am tired of driving back and forth everyday...never will I be an everyday commuter ever again.  

We have been moving bit by bit anyhow and really only have the basics left to move at our current house.  So our goal is to get everything else finished up on Sunday.  Our other goals for the week is to get the following done:

  • Complete Addison's room & bath (we are about 90% there)
  • Get the kitchen functional
  • Get the office finished (we will be using it as our bedroom until we finish the master)
  • Get Rhett's room & bath finished
  • Get the fence up in the front for the dogs

And about 1,000 other little things....

One thing for sure is that I am tired of painting trim.  And doors.  And walls.

But there is still lots left to do so I better suck it up and get back to work.

Here is a sneak peak at Rhett's bathroom vanity which was an old sewing table in its former life.  This is her with just a base coat of duck egg blue.

 photo sneakpeak_zpsa05c616a.jpg

And a sneak peak at Rhett's bathroom....I am so excited how this room has come together.  

 photo sneakpeak2_zps71446ffa.jpg

Off to go paint.  Yippee.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Pretty In Pink

Thinking Addison was over her "pink" phase, 
I was quite surprised when she wanted to paint her room pink.  

We went through many swatches and paint samples. 

 We went through the decorating limitations. 

 We went through some battle rounds. 

We still wound up with pink.

We bought a couple gallons of the perfect shade of Lemon-aid Pink..... 

And surprisingly, when I was done with the second coat.... 

I wasn't sick of it.  

Now her bathroom on the other hand,

Is a whole different story...

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

And The Winner Is....

We found out this afternoon that we will be bringing home....

This bundle of YELLOW joy!

 photo pup1_zpsa5843650.jpg

We pick her up Saturday morning!

To celebrate, we made a trip to Petsmart so Addison could pick out her first collar and name tag....

 photo collar2blog_zps3323134a.jpg

And yes, her name shall be Clover.


Friday, June 28, 2013

Farm Friday: A Cowhorse in the Making

Bentley is already 10 weeks old and is staying true to his bloodlines by showing us how much of a cowhorse he already is.

 photo Bentley2_zpsac97099d.jpg

He looks more and more like Pebbles all the time.  He is already spoken for though so we won't be bringing him home when he is weaned.   He will be staying with the family that owns his daddy and will have the opportunity to strut his stuff in the show pen in just a couple of short years.  

Rhett adores Bentley.  He thinks all baby horses are named Bentley.  He is not afraid to stalk him down while he is out in the pasture either.  I think we may have a cowboy on our hands...

 photo Bentley1_zps75a9f70e.jpg

We have bred Pebbles back to the same sire for another baby in May 2014. 

I am secretly keeping my fingers crossed for a filly.  The wise Flea told me that  I have a good 50/50 chance of getting a filly.

Gee, thanks.  You didn't have to put it quite like that.