Monday, December 17, 2012

Project Sherman: Kitchen

The kitchen prep is getting underway!  This is the most exciting project for me.  I have been obsessing over the kitchen for quite some time and still need to decide on a few things but it's time to get moving.  

The first thing we did was remove all of the old cabinets.  I had hoped to salvage them but after further inspection, we knew that was not going to work.  They were so poorly made that even a dozen coats of paint were not going to help to make them look good in the kitchen.  

Besides, all of the drawers wound up missing.

How the previous owner "lost" 12 drawers, I have no idea.  
Another one of the great mysteries Sherman holds in his pockets.

But the cabinets were not a total loss.  The ones that Sean was able to remove without having to demolish (that is another story in of itself) went down to the craft/school room.  Their imperfections will be covered up with paint and work great for that room.

The soffits themselves weren't that bad but the previous owner had the weirdest lighting thing going on up inside of them. Weird meaning: 

Fluorescent tube lighting!  
(cue the scary movie music here) 

When my husband asked if I wanted to keep them, a sound of a record screeching to a halt played in the background.  (We really need soundtrack devices in our would come in handy.) 

 That would be a big NO. 

Besides the soffits didn't work for our layout and were layered in grease.  

Yes, grease.

Cue up the bacon sizzling sound here.

So, Sean got to work and viola - no more soffits.  

When he sent me the photo, I couldn't help but ask him why the old stove was left in the middle of the room.

Silence on his end of line.  

I still don't know why it is there.  Anyone want a free stove?

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Bliss said...

I don't want an old stove but I want some bacon now.