Friday, December 14, 2012

So Many Changes

There have been so many changes around here.  My head is spinning because the past month has been a whirlwind.

New Blog Look
The biggest and most noticeable change (I hope) is my blog has been through a transformation. Since our life is/has been changing dramatically, I thought it would be fitting for my blog to wander along a new path too.   So a new name, a new face and new focus are in order. With all of the work going on at Sherman, the impending move, the process of getting our farm up and running, and the countless projects there is a renewed focus. I look forward to sharing our stroll along this new path. 

Project Sherman
Other big changes have happened with Sherman himself and I am long overdue with an update. For the most part, nothing really exciting has been happening. Now exciting in my book has nothing to do with boring, outside "man stuff".  So while I say nothing exciting has been happening, we have been plenty busy.  Just with nothing overly exciting... 

Our goal was to have the exterior completed by the end of November.  And we made it!!  

We will work on buttoning up the soffits as the weather permits.   

The die-hard crew.  
They were determined to finish on the Nov. 30th.  
No matter what. 
 Even if it meant working by truck light!

I can't wait for the soffits to be done.  It will look 100% better.  

Then it will be paint.  I can't wait for the paint because it will look 100% better.

Then it will be landscaping.  I can't wait for the landscaping because it will look 100% better.

You get the idea.

The interior is starting to move right along.  The crew is hanging drywall in the master bath today.  This is so exciting on so many levels for me.   

Here's a small glimpse of how it looks right now:

Drywall is in order - no?

And a new toilet is in order too.  Trust me on that one!
(Gives me the heebie jeebies just thinking about it....)

The tape is for our layout which has changed a bit since the photos so I won't even bother trying to explain what we are doing for the time being. 

All of our flooring finally came in.  There are oodles and oodles of boxes of barn wood goodness stashed in the basement.    

And finally, a sneak peak of the travertine for the bathrooms.  The lighting was not very good when I took this photo and it didn't pick up the natural grays that run through the stone.  It looks amazing next to the plank flooring.  

After the master bath is drywalled, we will finish texturing all of the other drywall in the house which means I really need to get serious about paint colors.  Time to get out the swatches, samples and brushes.

Speaking of painting, I will be starting a furniture project hopefully next week.  I will be turning an old sewing table into a vanity for my son's rustic looking bathroom.  Can't wait to share that project!

One step at a time!



Bliss said...

Merry Christmas my dear! You know, looking at that old toilet it looks like it has some vintage charm. Porcelain cleans up pretty good. Take it out to the yard and have a man shine it up. When you can't see any "stuff" you might like it.


Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

Well, I think it's exciting! It's wonderful to see the progress you've made.
Happy, happy Christmas!

Jennifer Fawbush said...

Hey I love the new blog!!!