Friday, January 18, 2013

Farm Friday: New Friends

We have not even moved to the farm yet, nor do we have it set up for our four legged equine friends. But that has not stopped me from acquiring a new friend.  

 Meet "Bunny":

3 year old black Quarter Horse mare

I promised Mr. Sherman Road that I will refrain myself from adopting, acquiring, purchasing, taking in, sheltering any new furry friends until 2014.  A year is reasonable.  Very reasonable.  Yes, reasonable indeed.   

That of course does not include the kitten that Ms. Addison was promised when we move.  See, that is not for me.  The kitten is for her.  I will have nothing to do with it.



(I secretly can't wait to adopt said kitten....)



Bliss said...

Wait do I have this correct.... you said you would not aquire any animals, but you now have bunny, but you do not have kitty? If I have that right I think Mr. Sherman might be as confused as me.


Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

Hello, Bunny!
Mr. SR does know who he's dealing with, so I'm thinking he's not going to be too surprised. :)